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Connecting adoptable dogs with loving families regardless of the distance

Our Mission - Our Team

Who We Are

Project Outbound is a team approach to helping unwanted and homeless dogs from Texas find loving families in the Pacific Northwest, Canada and the East Coast.  Project Outbound is an "all in one" approach to rescue.   Project Outbound began when one of our directors attempted to adopt a dog from out of her home state of Texas.  Roadblocks were hard to overcome because she was not located locally.  As a director of a rescue, she soon realized how hard it was to adopt a dog that needed help from an area overrun by homeless adoptable dogs but not enough families to provide them all homes.  She vowed to create a program to assist these families and animals find each other - hence Project Outbound was formed.  Because of her dog, Willow, over 3,000 dogs have found homes and loving families in the Pacific Northwest.  Recently, we have added a few trusted rescues to our program to assist them in finding loving homes for their dogs.  These dogs are temporarily homed in our foster families in Texas while they are vetted and made ready for adoption.   Our foster families are heavily invested in Project Outbound and are available to adoptive families to answer questions and help you and your new pup through the transition of foster to permanent home.


We are not just the transport!  These are our dogs that we rescued from shelters, living on the streets, or from being discarded by previous owners.  These dogs are the heart and soul of who we are.  We shed tears the days we saved them, we shed tears of happiness  the day you adopted them, and we will cry the day they leave us for you.  Project Outbound is a family: the dogs, the rescue, the fosters, the adoptive families.  Our entire approach to rescue is that every step is internal to our organization - our directors and our transport team, Laura and Bob, are the drivers of the transport vehicles -- we personally drive 2,200 miles to get them home.


There are millions of homeless animals in Texas.  Our shelters are full every day of the week.  Some of our shelters have hundreds of animals in their care. Most of these dogs are given three days (legal requirement in Texas) to find a family who wants them before they can be chosen to be euthanized due to overcrowding at the shelters. It is our job to be their voice, their hope, and their ticket to safety.  Due to the sheer number of homeless animals, lack of spay/neuter laws and cruelty laws to protect them here in Texas, we began finding adoptive families in other areas of the country where families are wanting a pet but are unable to locate one in their area due to responsible pet ownership and mandatory spay/neuter laws.


Two answers - (1) our fosters who step up in a moments notice to save a life, who love these dogs unconditionally and who lose a piece of their heart with every adoption; and (2) our ability to match a family with a dog based on the personality, needs and desires of the new family and the dog.  By having honest conversations with adoptive families about their expectations and our dogs needs, we can match the right dog to the right family. I promise, we have what you are looking for.  We want to make a forever match - these dogs have been let down before and we strive to make that a thing of the past.