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Looking for a family - Updated 11/6/2019



Beth is an 8month old shep/lab mix who has a very sweet demeanor.  Beth's early life has not been easy.  She is very gentle and has a shy personality in the beginning.  Beth was a puppy that was not wanted in a south Texas border town and was brought into the shelter where she has spent quite a bit of her puppyhood.  Beth is now in a foster home and thriving.  She has learned what it is to be loved and she needs a forever family who will take her out on walks (her favorite activity) and let her play in the sunshine.  Beth is a gentle natured girl and loves children, people and other dogs.  She enjoys spending her days playing with tennis balls and sticks.



Angel is a 6 month old lab mix who has not had the best start to life.  She is sweet, intelligent and outgoing.  She has been flying through her training - a testament to how smart she is.  Angel is eager to please and gets along with other dogs and children.  She has not been exposed to cats, but being that she is young, now would be the time to do so.  Angel loves water and would love a family to take her swimming on the beach and out hiking and camping.  Angel loves attention and always wants to be with her people.



 Abbie has a face that is hard to resist.  Ms. Abbie is a 7 month old lab mix whose early beginnings were not the best.  Abbie found herself at a shelter in which not many black puppies get adopted.  Well, our favorite color is black and we hope that is yours too!  Abbie is a smart little girl who loves to be around people.  She picks up things very quickly and will be a perfect family dog.  She adores people and ear scratches.  She loves long romantic walks around the pond near her foster's home.  She loves playing with her foster siblings - human and canine.  She loves attention and will make quite a few friends along her walking routes.



Joy's name fits her to a T as she is just as perfect as they come and will bring years of joy to your life.  Joy is an 8 month old lab mix who we can just describe as sweet as Texas sweet tea.  Joy is very friendly and a happy girl who enjoys just hanging out with her people and soaking up the sunshine.  Joy loves going on walks and would love to go hiking.  Joy is a little shy in the beginning but warms up to you pretty quickly.  She loves doggie biscuits (food motivated) and chew toys.  She loves running outside with her foster siblings.  Joy is very playful and loves children.  Joy will need an active home who enjoys being outdoors and if she can have some human siblings, she would be in 7th heaven.



   Meet Lola, a 2 year old Rottweiler, who is as sweet as they come.  Lola may not have started life out the greatest, but this girl has all the love to give to her forever family.  Nothing has held her down, and she has excelled in her foster family showing them just how wonderful a girl she is.  Lola does lack a little confidence in new situations and comes across a little shy to begin with.  Lola was surrendered by her previous owners for lack of time.  Lola loves to be outside and exploring new things.  She approaches them with caution, but once she feels comfortable she is off and running to explore.  She would be great with an active family who will take her on long walks and hikes.  She loves to please and would be a great addition to a family with older kids who are more patient.



 Are you looking for a puppy who loves water more than life itself?  Meet Pumba, a cute 4 month old lab/shepherd mix.  Pumba loves all water - sprinkers, lakes, puddles, rain - you name it.  He absolutely will be the dog to take camping and hiking and to the beach.  Pumba is super cuddly, loves people and romping with other dogs, and of course - swimming.  Pumba will be a large dog - about 70 lbs full grown.  Pumba will need a house with a yard to play in and a family with children would be great.

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 Calling all beach lovers. This is Starla, a 6 month old border collie mix, who adores swimming in anything she can - a pool, a puddle, a lake or a river. Starla is drawn to being out in the fresh air exploring and playing. Starla will need an active family, one with kids would be even better, as they will love playing chase with this little angel. Starla would love to be a running or hiking partner. Starla is waiting for her new BFF, is that you? 



  This 2 year old hunk is Monty, the sweetest and friendliest dog on the planet. He is super super friendly, loves people, dogs and just a lover through and through. Monty hasn't met a person he just didn't cover in affection and kisses. Monty literally just cannot help himself when he meets people to show them all the affection he has to offer. He also enjoys long walks and would be a great dog to take out hiking. Monty is just one of those dogs you can call perfect and would make a great family dog.



Jack is a 1 year old chi mix who started life off rough.  Jack was born without one eye, but he quickly worked around his disability and has lived life to the fullest in his foster home.  He is super friendly, loves to cuddle and is just a love.  Jack is super excited that he ready to find himself a forever family.  Jack enjoys going on neighborhood walks, playing with other dogs, and just being outside soaking up the sunshine.  Jack enjoys squeaky toys and balls.  Are you the family Jack has been waiting for?



  Meet Tilda, a 10 month old foxhound/kelpie mix who is adorably sweet and loves to play. Tilda loves romping in the yard with her friends and is pretty active. Her favorite toys are rope balls she can chase and chew on. She loves going on walks and exploring the neighborhood. She is great with other dogs and even likes the cats (and she even tries to like the one who hates dogs). Tilda is very loving and loves to be around people. She is an active girl and a family who goes out hiking and exploring would be perfect for her. She loves to run and would be a great jogging partner.  




Oh the spots!  Where are our spotted dog lovers at?  Meet Baleigh, a 18 month old catahoula mix.  She is a very sweet girl who longs for a family to call her own.  She loves to run and would be a great running/jogging or hiking partner.  Baleigh gets along with other canine friends and would love a family with at least one other to wrestle and play with.  She would benefit from a multi dog house to show her the ropes.  Baleigh is very sweet and will give you lots of kisses in exchange for your love.  Don't let this one slip away.



 Marigold is a 8 month old cattle dog mix who is just as sweet as they come. She absolutely loves to give kisses and hugs. She is an active girl and loves to play and run. She would be a great dog for hiking or jogging. She is still very puppy like and loves a great game of tug of war and chasing balls. Marigold is friendly and loves being around her family. She has been fostered in a home with cats and does quite well with them. Marigold will need an active family who is looking for a companion for hiking, running and camping. Marigold loves kids, but she is still very much a puppy and a family with kids over the age of 5 is preferred. 

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This little guy is all smiles and is waiting for a family to call his own. He turns on the charm with his cute expressions, yet no one has inquired about him. Meet Mark, a 8 month old lab/shepherd mix who is just as charming as they come. Mark is playful and loves a great game of fetch. Mark adores kids and a family with a human sibling or two would be amazing. Mark is an active pup and will need a family who loves to be outside doing things together. Mark will be a great dog for camping and hiking and he loves water, so the occasional beach trip would be perfect.



 Blondie is a 6 year old chi mix who is just as wonderful as they come. Blondie loves people but thrives better in a calmer household. She enjoys being someone's "BFF". She loves to be around other dogs, and is great with cats as well. Blondie enjoys being the center of attention, and by the looks of her cute little face, do you blame her? Blondie would make a great companion for an older couple who are looking for the companionship of a dog. Blondie is calm natured, very sweet and would make a great family dog.



This happy-go-lucky fella is Bear, a 2 year old shepherd/lab mix who just adores everyone he meets.  This goofball is looking for an active family who wants to take him hiking and exploring.  Bear enjoys being outdoors and active.  He loves going for a run and would be a great running partner.  Bear is very sweet natured and is a great family pet.  Bear is very smart, loves to be around people, and loves treats.  Do you have room in your heart for this big lovebug?

Oliver - ADOPTED


 This little heartbreaker is Oliver, a 5 month old lab mix who is all about stealing your heart. Oliver has an amazing personality and loves people of all sizes, especially the small ones. He would love a family with some kiddos to play with. Oliver loves other dogs, too. He would benefit from being part of an active family who will take him out hiking and exploring. Oliver loves going out and about. Oliver's favorite toys are bones and balls of any kind. 



Meet sweet Charlotte.  This beautiful Amstaff is looking for a family to love her the rest of her days.  She has an amazing personality and very loving.  She rewards your affection with lots of wiggles and kisses.  She loves to cuddle and would make an amazing friend to hang out in the yard, on the couch, or out and about on your outings.  Charlotte gets along with other dogs, and even the smaller breeds are her friends.  This beauty queen will steal your blankets, your treats, and your heart.



Who is up for a good game of catch?  Meet Axel, an 18 month old German Shepherd whose favorite activity is a good game of catch.  Quite honestly, he just loves balls - tennis balls, soccer balls, you name it.  Axel is a great dog who just enjoys being outside with his people.  He has a curious personality and would be great for an active family who enjoys hiking and camping.  Axel will  need a family who will give him a lot of attention and exercise to keep him busy.  Axel is great with other dogs and having a fur sibling would be great for him.

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My name is Dahila.  I am the sweetest most playful pup around.  I love to play and enjoy being outside more than anything.  I love  being around people and am super friendly.  I would love to have a canine sibling to play and wrestle with.  I have been working on my crate training and have mastered walking on a leash.  I really would love a family to spend my days loving on and exploring all that nature has to offer.  I am really friendly and would make a great dog for your family.  Would you give me a chance?



 This little man is Linc, an almost 2 year old chi mix. Linc is super adorable and friendly. He loves cuddle time and getting to hang out with his humans. He enjoys people very much because they love to give him the attention he craves. Linc is friendly with his doggie friends and enjoys time with them as well to play. Linc is looking for his furever lap to hang out and cuddle. Linc would make the perfect dog for a family who is looking for a companion and a cuddle bug. 



Yondo is 18 months old and is one of the sweetest pups ever. Yondo is very smart and loves being around people. Yondo is playful and loving and wants so much to be part of a family. He loves to please his family and gives kisses. He has been working on his crate training and his leash skills. He would love a patient family who will take him out exploring and hiking. He really enjoys showing how smart he is. Yondo loves other dogs and would be a great addition to a family who has another dog he can be with to play.



Who is that masked bandit?  Meet Reese, a 8 month old lab/aussie mix who is just as adorable as they come.  Reese is a little timid when he first meets you, but that is because he had a rough start to life.  This little guy is looking for a family to love him and wants so much to be part of your lives.  Once I trust you, I will cover you in kisses from head to foot.  See, I do love people very much.  I love other dogs as well.  I really love playing and wrestling with my foster siblings.  I am learning what toys are and how to walk on a leash.  I really enjoy exploring new places and would love the opportunity to go hiking and exploring all of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer.



My name is Boomer.  I am 18 months old and love to run and play.  Don't worry, I love to cuddle too!  I love to go on adventures and I heard there are a lot of adventures in this place called the Pacific Northwest.  I am ready to go!  I walk really nice on a leash and  would love to go on hikes and explore with you.  My foster mom says I am smart so I will be ready to learn new things with you.  Would you give me a chance to earn your love?



  Sweet Mellow lives up to her name. Mellow is a 7 month old lab/beagle mix who has been searching for a family to call her own. This gorgeous lady loves to be outside playing. She loves running, playing chase and is learning the art of fetch. She enjoys tennis balls, squeaky toys, and sticks. Mellow is one of those dogs that when you meet her melts your heart. Mellow is super loving and shows tons of affection with hugs and kisses any chance she gets. Mellow is great with kids and would be the perfect friend for a little one.

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 This princess is Ella, a 5 month old boxer mix, who is as outgoing and goofy as they come. Princess Ella loves to be outdoors playing and running. She will need an active family to take her hiking and exploring. She would be great going to the dog park where she can socialize and play with other pups. Ella has a lot of energy and would make a great running partner as well. She loves kids of all ages. She is affectionate and social and will be a great family dog. She will need a home with a yard to play in. 

Bella Marie


This sweet girl is Bella Marie, a 2 year old chihuahua mix who is just a snuggle bunny.  Bella Marie was an owner surrender at a local shelter in Texas with her friend, Peanut.  Bella Marie can be adopted separately, but we would like to see her and Peanut be adopted together.  Bella is very sweet and loves to be cuddled.  She enjoys going on walks and prefers a quieter household.  She would make an excellent companion for an older couple, person or a single person who is looking for a companion.



This little man is Peanut, a 2 year old chihuahua mix who is just as happy as can be.  Peanut was an owner surrender at a local shelter in Texas with his friend, Bella Marie.  He can be adopted separately, but we would like to see him and Bella Marie be adopted together.  Peanut is very sweet and loves cuddling on the couch and hanging out in the sunshine.  He enjoys going on walks and prefers a quieter household.  He would make an excellent companion for an older couple, person or a single person who is looking for a companion.



This handsome hunk is Max, a 4 year old heeler/cattle dog mix who is as great as they come.  Max is a ladies' man and prefers to be the only male dog in a home.  Max enjoys romping in the rivers and creeks, as well as taking long walks/hikes.  Max has a lot of energy and would be best suited for a family who has some land for him to play.  He loves to run and is an excellent running partner.  Max would be a great family dog for a family with older kids (over 7) and teenagers.  He loves to wrestle and play fetch.

Lady Bug


Lady Bug is a 4 1/2 month old Border Collie pup who loves to go swimming.  Her siblings and her love to go romping through puddles and the kiddie pool.  Lady Bug loves to give kisses and cuddle, too.  She is an active pup and will need an active family who enjoys being outdoors.  Lady Bug adores kids and loves to play chase.  This little sweetheart will steal your heart and it will be love at first sight.



 This little soccer star is Scooter, a 5 month old hound/shepherd mix who loves playing with balls of all kinds.  Scooter can be a little shy when he first meets you, but he warms up quickly.  The way to his heart is through praise and treats and he is motivated by positive conditioning.  Scooter loves to play in the water.  You will often find him running through the hose if you're out watering the lawn.  He thinks its a great game.  Scooter loves kids and thinks they are the coolest when they play fetch with him.  He loves other dogs and would be a great fit in an established pet home.  Scooter is easy going and has a great little personality. 

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This gorgeous little guy is Waldo, a year old chi mix, who is as lovely as they come.  Waldo loves people but is a little shy initially.  He does warm up quite quickly once he feels comfortable.  He then becomes the biggest lover covering you in kisses and wants to snuggle with you.  Waldo loves sunning himself and hanging out where his people are.  Waldo will be a great little lap blanket as the winter weather starts to creep in.



We are whistlin' Dixie over here over this little cutie.  Dixie is a 5 month old lab mix who is very sweet natured and friendly.  She loves people of all sizes, all her doggie friends and even likes the kitty kind.  Dixie is an active pup who enjoys spending time playing tug of war and chase, as well as hide and go seek with her toys.  She really loves her toys.  When playtime is over, she enjoys a good cuddle before nap time.  Dixie will be a great dog for a family with children and other pets to play with.



 How does this little handsome fella not have a family of his own? Luke is a 8 month old lab mix who is just as adorable as they come. His little floppy ears begs for ear scratches. Luke loves to be around people, especially kids. He loves to play and his favorite toys are tennis balls and chew bones. Luke is very friendly and social and loves to be out and about making new friends. Luke loves to play with other dogs and will surely be the hit of the dog park. 



This handsome goofball is Lottie, an 11 month old lab/dane mix.   Lottie's expressions and goofy personality will win your heart over really quickly.  Lottie doesn't realize he is a big boy, and his new family will need to teach him that he is not a small puppy.  For this reason, Lottie's new family should have kids older than 8.  Lottie doesn't have a mean bone in his body, he just doesn't realize he is not tiny.  Lottie loves other dogs and children and will be a great addition to a family.   Lottie will need a yard to run and explore, and he will be a great pup to bring out and about hiking and camping.



 Meet Matthew, one of the most angelic puppies ever. Matthew cannot pass up a good game of catch with a tennis ball or a frisbee. Matthew is a 8 month old lab mix who loves running and playing. When he is done, he loves cuddling up for a nap on a soft bed or your couch. Matthew has a wonderful personality and adores kids. He would be a great family dog. 



 This adorable senior is Marsh, a 10 year old lab/hound mix who is looking for a forever family to live out the rest of his years with. Marsh is super sweet and gentle and just loves to be around people. Marsh was surrendered to a vet when his owners could no longer care for him (his owners were elderly and had health issues). Now Marsh is spending his senior years alone. Marsh loves going on leisurely walks and being outside sunning himself. Marsh is such a gentle guy. We would love to find a family who would love this fella forever. Marsh would do best in a calmer home where he could take his naps and lay around in a peaceful environment. Marsh is still very spry and loves to be active. Marsh would make a perfect companion for an older couple/person. 

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 This is a face no one can resist! Scooby is a 2 year old chi mix whose little face will melt your heart. Scooby loves people - really loves people. He makes friends everywhere he goes. Scooby is a lover and will give you all the kisses you can possibly handle. Scooby has the cutest personality - he thinks he is a big dog, but he isn't. Scooby loves being outside enjoying the fresh air, long walks and going on car rides.



 This sassy lady is Willow, an 18 month old wheaten terrier mix. Willow is an active girl who enjoys going on long walks, playing in the sunshine, and engaging in games of catch and chase. Willow is a friendly girl who loves kids of all sizes and loves other doggie friends. Willow would be a great girl to take hiking, spending warm days at the dog park, and be your forever friend. Willow loves attention and will reward you with tons of kisses. 



Sweet Soffee (pronounced Sophie) is an amazing girl of 2 years and is as friendly as they come.  Soffee is a lab/staffie mix with a heart as big as her head.  She loves people and will greet anyone she meets with a wiggle from her butt and a big sloppy kiss.  Soffee enjoys going on walks and would be a great hiking partner.  She has one of those personalities that just takes over your heart.  She is friendly, outgoing, and active and would do great in an active home.  She loves to go out for a jog and get some exercise in.  Soffee also loves cuddle time and will find a way to convince you she belongs in your lap.



Anthos is a 12 week old chi/pug mix who is just as cute as a button.  This little fella is all attitude and just makes us smile every time he plays.  He so wants to be a big dog, yet he just can't be.  Anthos is adorably sweet, very affectionate, and wants to be held.  He also loves to play attack the squeaky toy and hide the teddy bear.  He is a little fella no squeaky toy should reckon with.  Anthos adores people, children and other dogs.  He just wants to be one of them so badly.  Anthos will win over your heart and take his place the instant you meet him.



This little sweetheart is Amaryllis, a 12 week old chi/pug mix who will win your heart with one snuggle.  Amaryllis loves snuggles and being held like a baby.  She is so darn adorable there is no way you can resist her.  Her favorite things in the world are soft toys, tiny treats, and her squishy pillow where she naps.  She loves attention and rewards you with the most adoring eyes ever.  If you are ready for a devoted little girl of your own, put in your application for this sweet baby soon.



This sweet angel has stolen our hearts.  I mean, how can you not!  Mirabilis is a 12 week old chi/pug mix who has a heart the size of Texas.  She is the dainty one of the litter and just as cute and snuggly as can be.  Mirabilis is very friendly, social and adores people of all sizes.  She loves to be held and loved on.  Her favorite toys squeak and are soft.  She loves playing in a pile of blankets where she feels warm and loved.  She is the perfect little girl to take out and about and to travel with.  Mirabilis loves making new friends everywhere she goes.

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This super hunk is Oso, an 11 month old mastiff/staffie mix.  This gorgeous fella is just amazing.  He is beyond friendly and just loves to be loved on.  His whole body wiggles when his foster mom comes in the door.  He has a "wanting to please" personality and rewards your love with affection and loyalty.  Oso loves going walking and exploring.  It's one of his most favorite things to do and he wants to greet everyone he meets.  Oso walks well on the leash but a harness would be better for him as he does tug a bit when he walks because he is excited to go, go go!



This handsome face belongs to Gunner, a 1 1/2 year old lab mix whose smile will win your heart over.  Gunner is always smiling.  He is a happy boy and it shows.  Gunner loves running in the yard and is an active guy who will need an active family to take him hiking, camping and to the lake/beach.  Gunner loves being outdoors and will make the perfect companion for a family/someone who loves being outdoors in nature.  Gunner is very friendly and always wants to meet people.  He will need to learn a few manners because he always wants to give hugs to everyone he meets.  Gunner will need a home with a yard to run.



Dora is ready to go exploring!  This 8 month old lab/shepherd mix is ready to find her forever in the land of pine trees and beautiful lakes and mountains.  Dora loves being outside and exploring nature.  She can easily spend a day outside soaking up adventure.  She would be the perfect camping/hiking companion.  Dora is very affectionate and loves showing you how much she loves you.  She loves treats and is definitely a sucker for a chewy bone.  Dora loves kids and loves playing with the little people with a game of fetch or tug of war.







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