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Adoption Process

Find your perfect dog? Here's how it works!


The steps for our out of state adoptions are:

1) Application can be found below.

2) Submit photos of your home (living area, kitchen, yard, and front of the home).  If you live in an apartment, we need pics of the front of your building and letter from your landlord that you are able to have a pet).  All of these supporting documents can be emailed to projectoutbound18@gmail.com.  In the "Re:" line put the dog's name and your last name  so we can match to the application.

3)  Reference checks (veterinary and personal); renters need to provide a letter from their landlord that they can have the pet they are wishing to adopt. 

4) We connect you with the Texas foster after application approval so that you can ask any questions you may have..

5) Approval and Adoption Fee and Transport Fee paid (included in the adoption fee) (signed contract will occur at this point) - also need a letter from landlord, if renting, that your pet deposit is paid.

6) Transport (we keep in contact with you through the transport - we will chose a local meeting place along the our transport route.  Our transports occur once a month and we will send out final details via email contact the Wednesday before transport.  We will update adoptive families via email and on our Facebook page throuhgout transport

Social Media

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Adoption Application

Please email the completed application to projectoutbound18@gmail.com along with your supporting photos and letter from your landlord (if applicable).  OUR APPLICATIONS ARE PROCESSED IN THE ORDER OF RECEIPT.