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Connecting adoptable dogs with loving families regardless of the distance


We believe that miles should not be the determination as to whether a dog in need finds a loving home.

About Us



Together our founding rescues work together to aid animals in need to save them from euthanasia in overcrowded Texas shelters, to rescue them from homelessness off the streets where they face dangers of attacks or being struck by cars, to intervening to help owners rehome their pets they no longer want.



We work our magic by matching our dogs in need of a forever family with those wanting to add a new furry BFF to their home.  We do not believe geographic location should be the deciding factor of whether a dog in need finds a family.  Through a thorough application process and interview, we work our magic to make a match made in heaven happen.

Ride to Forever


We personally bring your new furry buddy home to you.  Our directors with their copilots personally drive approximately 90 dogs a month to their new forever homes 2,200 miles away.  We utilize a convenient series of "drop off" locations for our adopters to meet and pick up their new pup.  We keep you in the loop through regular updates as transport nears your drop off location.


Support Our Mission

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Our mission takes a lot of support from everyone.  From paying vetting expenses to covering transport costs, we can always use the support to continue our mission of finding happily ever after miles and miles away.